Palm Beach County's Plan to End the Cycle of Homelessness

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S.M.A.R.T Landlords

S.MA.R.T Landords

The S.M.A.R.T Landlord Campaign recruits landlords who can provide affordable units for extremely low income and homeless individuals and families. We need efficiency, studio and multiple bedroom units. 

Our ultimate goal is to end homelessness by getting homeless individuals and families into housing. The only thing that will end homelessness is housing. 

Joining the community of homeless service providers is also beneficial to landlords.

What is a SMART Landlord?

Support - Landlords support the community by offering housing to residents who are facing a housing crisis and have no where to live. 
Marketing - Landlords can save on marketing costs. We have a waiting list of people who need housing immediately.
Assistance - Every tenant has a case manager who provides assistance to the client and serves as the landlord's immediate point of contact.
Rent - Landlords receive timely rent payments with help from the organization placing the tenant. 
Tenant- Reduce vacancies by always having a tenant. 

Interested in signing up for the program? E-mail our home finders  or call 561-355-4742.

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