Palm Beach County's Plan to End the Cycle of Homelessness

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Homeless and Housing Alliance Partners

Non Profit

Community providers are the lifeline for those individuals and families seeking homeless services. In Palm Beach County a Continuum of Care organization called the Homeless and Housing Alliance (HHA) serves and supports the communities, agencies, and organizations concerned with homelessness. The HHA aligns all activities and decisions with the Ten-Year Plan to End Homelessness in Palm Beach County.

The HHA provides technical assistance, supportive services, and educational opportunities to its members as well as addressing critical issues related to homelessness through coordination of existing homeless services and support programs for the homeless, and evaluating unmet needs of this population. They explore all resources for addressing unmet needs, creating special initiatives, and continuing/expanding existing programs for the homeless. They provide crucial input and recommendations regarding homeless services and funding to Homeless Advisory Board. Members of the HHA include: