The Homeless Plan

Palm Beach County's Plan to End Homelessness

Leading the Way Home
Homeless and Housing Alliance of Palm Beach County

Leading the Way Home

Palm Beach County's Plan to Break the Cycle of Homelessness

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The formulation of the Homeless Advisory Board occurred in May 2007 and was established by the Board of County Commissioners (BCC). The BCC fashioned the HAB in such a way as to ensure that members possessed the authority to implement effective change. The Palm Beach County Homeless Advisory Board (HAB) advises members of the BCC on matters related to the issue of homelessness. HAB was chartered with the authority to gather community input on homelessness; review and comment to the BCC on homeless legislation; assist in the preparation and oversee implementation of Leading the Way Home; make funding recommendations to the BCC, and recruit private and public sector representatives to fund the homeless plan and increase membership of particular HAB committees.

The responsibilities for the HAB are:

  • Review progress made in the County towards achieving the objectives identified in the Leading the Way Home and make recommendations to the BCC. The primary recommendations may include systematic changes, policy changes, and funding recommendations.
  • Foster and promote cooperation between governmental agencies, community-based non-governmental non-profit organizations and business interests in order to ensure the efficient and timely implementation of Leading the Way Home.
  • Provide information regarding the needs and other factors affecting the implementation of the Leading the Way Home within Palm Beach County.
  • Determine roadblocks affecting program implementation and recommend corrective measures to the Board of County Commissioners.
  • Raise funds in the business and private sectors to fund Leading the Way Home recommendations.

The Homeless Advisory Board is comprised of 14 members representing the school district, the BCC, businesses development board, municipalities, law enforcement, the Department of Children and Families, behavioral health system and The Homeless Coalition.