Palm Beach County Homeless Advisory Board

"It starts today!"

Seven Goals

The objective of the Ten-Year Plan to End Homelessness in Palm Beach County is to create a local homeless response system that will completely eliminate homelessness in ten years.  The Plan is presented in the form of Seven GoalsPDF .  In order to meet these goals, a comprehensive set of action steps were developed to address current gaps in services, as they relate to a number of underserved populations.

The seven goals are:

  • Develop a Universal System for Intake/Assessment and Enhance Client Information Management System
  • Provide Interim Housing Services for Homeless Individuals/ Families
  • Coordinate Partnerships and Resources for Homeless Services
  • Improve Access to Homeless Services with Outreach and Education
  • Prevent Individuals and Families from Becoming Homeless
  • Secure a Stable Stock of Affordable/Accessible Housing
  • Provide System Oversight and Evaluation of the Ten-Year Plan